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Marching towards the deep forest ....

Unwritten Bureaucracy!

I write a lot more than I breathe. I get excited over nothing, sometimes the rain, sometimes over a speck of dust. Movies are good for my spare time, Netflix is always welcoming me home. I doodle like my doodles would doodle me. I walk to the sound of my playlist, music is water. I like morning breeze, coffee too. Photography takes me to places I've never been and my camera kisses my eye lids in every adventure. Love was good, still is - tasty with a tinge of rainbows on its sleeve. My old guitar sings to me when her body and my fingers touch each other. Fandoms are lovers dwelling in my head. Be a reader and you don't have to knock on my door to borrow my books. I travel like the word travel means. Last but not least, if you are the unknown, the black abyss, the sheet of philosophy, the ocean of poetry and the seeker of literature, then come by and we shall be acquainted