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I've written this randomly just about a few minutes ago.
What happened is, I'll asked my gf what'd she think when i say the colour's name
down bellow :

Green - grass
Red - Blood
Yellow - Sun
Blue - Water
Brown - Poo
Purple - Satin
Orange - Fruit
Black - Midnight
White - Chocolate
Grey - Texture
Pink - bubblegum
Navy - uniform
creme - I can't think of any creme

then I hang up the phone, and put this one master piece together within 4 minutes :
they all contain all the colours and what she thinks of when I mention the colour.

I have a love who is sitting under the dessert of GREEN GRASS
we have a nice coloured t-shirt, it has a RED BLOOD stain of romance
after awhile the SUN is giving us it's YELLOWish blessing
and inside the lagoon of Blue WATER
we saw the fish with the BROWN POO
as we lay awake on our PURPLE SATIN bed
we enjoyed the one marvellous FRUIT, a so called ORANGE
and as the wind blows, we shiver in the black, BLACK MIDNIGHT
and GREY TEXTURES is mixing the juices of excitement
while taste of new BUBBLEGUM, it pinches our PINK saliva
as our proud NAVY UNIFORM of sexuality
is one thing that I CAN"T THINK OF when I think about CREME